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ZHJ is a national torch plan hi-tech enterprise in the line of contact material.

  • Endeavor to make our customers happy

    Endeavor to make our customers happy

    SHZHJ can produce from the silver alloy wire and strip, so we can improve and adjust our material process according to customers’ requirement. SHZHJ 100% check the products before out of our factory, and we have a test certificate for every shipment.

  • Unique technology alliance

    Unique technology alliance

    Our services range from precious metal recycling via stamping technology to plastic-molded assemblies. True to the motto, "One face to the customer", we reduce supplier interfaces and create high-quality and commercially optimal solutions for our customers.

  • Outstanding material know-how

    Outstanding material know-how

    Where metal and electricity come together, we offer our customers unique expertise regarding materials, surfaces and their further processing. This is how reliable contact solutions from the SHZHJ company have been created for more than 10 years.

About us


    Shanghai ZHJ Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai ZHJ Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in the year of 2007, From the beginning: SHZHJ, FOCUS ON CONTACT MATERIAL! ZHJ is a national torch plan hi-tech enterprise in the line of contact material. ZHJ is committed to the use modern science and technology to solve the problem with contact materials, ZHJ main products include six series of silver alloy wire, contact rivet, contact tip, button contact, contact Assembly and Tungsten Contact, Through our experience in precious metals processing for over 20 years and our broad know-how in current carrying electrical connections. We are the partner of choice for many companies in a broad range of industries and in nearly all market regions.

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